Application Development

REDiTECH is able to develop a variety of applications to suit your needs. Ranging from Web Based Applications to customised Word Templates, REDiTECH has developed a number of applications for schools and businesses. Below you will find further information about some of these applications. Contact Andrew ( for further details on any of the listed products or to discuss your particular requirements with regards to custom built software.

Student Tracker

Student Tracker is an application that allows schools and teachers to track student results over time. Based on Andrew’s own teaching experience as well as his work with schools, Student Tracker has the ability to record test results, support received, comments, reporting grades, extra curricula activities. Students details are added using an export from student administration systems such as OASIS/eSchool, SAS and PFW. For further details, download the pdf below.

Student Reporting

REDiTECH Australia has worked with schools over the past 3 years to develop an online reporting package to streamline the student reporting process. Schools are able to use their own templates and customise the reporting software to reflect their unique school whilst ensuring their reports comply with current government requirements.

Online Calendar Application

The online calendar application has been developed by REDiTECH in direct response to school needs. The ability to be able to keep all key dates and events for all key groups/personnel within one application is a huge time saver and ensures that information only needs to be updated once. The calendar application is password protected and can be printed for distribution if required. Users are able to view dates and events by day, week, month, term and year or in a simple event list.